Why Counseling?

- I'm getting married. I should be happy...right? I mean, I am, but...

                                - We had a baby. I should be happy...right? I mean, I am, but...

Sound familiar?

Pregnancy, birthing, postpartum, couple hood, parenthood....

These life experiences bring on a roller coaster of emotions. Excitement. Fear. Loneliness. Joy. Overload. Frustration. And we each come to these experiences with our own lenses, or our own baggage, so to speak.

Perhaps as a child, your parental role models were something to be desired and now you fear that you will become them.

Perhaps you had a traumatic previous birth experience and can't seem to get over it (as society often tells us to do when they say things like, "Well, at least Baby is healthy, right?," or "Put that behind you, you're pregnant now! It'll be fine").

Perhaps some test results showed Baby could possibly have X, and your anxiety is going off the charts daily.

Perhaps you seem to have lost that lovin' feelin' and you are wondering when you and your partner will feel like a couple again.

Perhaps you are wondering where your partner went. (S)He seems so distant, mentally and/or emotionally. You miss her/him and are concerned.

Or, perhaps this sounds familiar to you: I lost my Baby.

Counseling is a time and space to talk about what's on your heart and mind. It is a place to simply be, to explore feelings and thoughts, and give healing a space to enter your life and grow. Once rooted, you can begin to thrive - to feel genuine and authentic again, or for some, maybe even for the first time in your life.

My approach is warm, caring and non-judgmental. I strive to provide you a safe and private environment where trust can flourish.

I invite you to contact me to make an appointment to discuss your counseling needs.